Teachers’ most embarrassing moments

Sergeant Schliffka dances as a waitress!

Sergeant Schliffka dances as a waitress!

Everyone has a most embarrassing story, and whether it is falling in public or accidently wearing mismatching shoes, we have all been there. Here are some of the most embarrassing stories from our Lincoln-Way Central staff.

Mr. Finnegan

“I once ripped my pants on the way to visit a federal prison and had to go to the prison the whole day with my ripped pants. Several of the prisoners saw this and not only pointed this out, but also laughed at me.”

Mr. Hopper

“Once I was leaning against a window ledge in my class and my foot got caught in the string of the blinds and I fell on all fours in front of my whole class.”

Mrs. Sargis

“When I was waitressing for a Pharmaceutical conference, I dropped the 12 steak and lobster dinners I was carrying because I missed the tray stand. The presentation stopped and everyone looked at me and started clapping.”

Sergeant Schliffka

“During my first F-16 ride, I puked my guts up while stuck in the cock pit. I also threw up while on the Zero Gravity ride at a carnival. On another occasion, I was at a restaurant and dressed up as a waitress and started dancing in front of everyone because I lost a bet.”

Mrs. Starklauf

“I once called a student by the wrong name for a whole quarter and he let me because he was shy. Eventually, the whole class corrected me and I didn’t believe them.”

Mr. Waddell

“In 4th grade I moved to Illinois, and on my first day at my new school I accidentally called my teacher ‘mom.’ Then once the end of the school year rolled around and everyone had forgotten my mistake, I did the same thing again on accident.”