Scholastic Bowl


Scholastic Bowl is team trivia like Jeopardy. Dr. Aaron Raatjes (Art and World Languages) and Mr. Brian Mulford (Math) both sponsor Scholastic Bowl here at Lincoln-Way Central. Dr. Raatjes has been sponsoring for over a decade while Mr. Mulford has been sponsoring for 12 years. Mr. Mulford had been in Scholastic Bowl when he was in high school. They said that their favorite part of Scholastic Bowl is the students. To them, Scholastic Bowl is about time with the students and enjoying trivia. When working with each other they like learning from each other. How they work together depends on the year. This Scholastic Bowl Season, Varsity won Regionals and got 2nd place at Sectionals. Overall, Scholastic Bowl is a great club for any who enjoys trivia and an activity that can be both competitive and fun!