The vloggles and goggles of LWC Water Polo


The girls’ and boys’ water polo teams are back and better than ever. Both recently had their senior night. The JV girls won Conference for the second year in a row, and the varsity girls are hopefully on the way to win Sectionals and (fingers crossed) go to State. The varsity girls also took a trip out to St. Louis for a two-day tournament. The girls have segments on their Instagram, @lwcswimpologals such as, 30 second shot clocks where players are interviewed in the span of thirty seconds, or “Vloggles and Goggles” where vlogs of games or practices are posted. I personally play water polo and would like to believe that it is an interesting sport to watch, as it is surely an interesting sport to play.

Although it may be fun to watch, there is a lot of terminology that no one knows, unless they have played it before and even then, there are so many terms that we do not even know. Water polo can be a very confusing sport to follow. My friends who have attended games say it is enjoyable, but perplexing. I interviewed some of my friends who do not play water polo, asking them to define this basic water polo lingo. Now, you might have heard some of these in freshman swimming or in your own sport, but here is what my friends defined them as. Some of these are just from the LWC polo lore, others are more universal terms that most water polo teams use.  

Man Up – My friends believe that it is when you come up out of the water, told to play better, switch spots with someone who is a better player, and the other team has a penalty  

  • The actual definition of “man up” is when the other team has an ejection or penalty, so your team is “up” a man. 

Man Down – When you go under the water, someone who is underwater, you have a penalty 

  • This is the opposite of “man up”, so your team has an ejection and is “down” a man.

Weak – when you shoot the ball and it does not go anywhere, slow, making fun of the other team, fake a shot. 

  • Weak” means the opposite side of the pool. We yell “weak” when someone on the other side is open. 

50- When you have 50 players in the pool at once, like a 50/50 raffle 50/50 shot of making it in, swim faster 

  • “50” is a there-and-back pass. So, you pass it to someone, and they immediately pass it back to you.  

Hole – you won, there is an opening in the net to make a goal, create a whirlpool with your teammates

  •  “Hole” is the offensive player that is closest to the goal, they typically have the best shot.  

Hole D – you lost, they have full strength defense, barricading the other team members. 

  • “Hole D” is the defensive player that is closest to the goal (apart from the goalie), they play defense on the hole player.  

Drive – you run, push forward quickly, a long throw, you chuck the ball 

  • “Drive” is switching positions on offense.  

Dribble – bouncing the ball up and down, when you accidentally swallow a bunch of water, bounce the ball in the water.

  • “Dribbling” is swimming with the ball. 

2 Meter – jumping out of the water, go farther, you have 2 meters to get a pass.

  • “2 meter” is a type of call the referee makes. It happens when a defensive player, typically the goalie, pushes the ball into the 2 meter.  

5 Meter – jumping out of the water more, you go 5 meters under the water 

  • A “5 meter” is a penalty shot, a one-on-one shot with the goalie. It is called a 5 meter because the shooting player lines up at the 5-meter mark.  

 Dirty Lob – when you find a lobster at the end of the pool and it is dirty, gentle toss, a desperate shot at the game 

  • A “dirty lob” is a type of shot that is softer and in an arc.  

Eggbeater – churning butter with your legs, the swim caps that make you look like eggs. 

  • “Eggbeater” is the treading we do.  

6-Minute Drill – drills for 6 minutes, it is not well liked, but I do not know the details, 6 minutes where you throw the ball.

  • The “6-minute drill” is a drill that we do where we hold a ball above our head, and we tread for 6 minutes. It is painful, particularly with a weighted ball or ankle weights 

Leapfrog – when you dive over another person, going over a person, dumb little fun little game  

  • “Leapfrog” is another drill where another person leaps over you and you must try to stay up while treading. This is not permitted during a game, but it is incredibly fun.  

Backdoor – open by the net, when you look back for the ball, when they take you out of the game 

  • Backdoor is like yelling “weak,” but it is a certain position.  

ETP – enter the pool, eggs that pop 

  • ETP does in fact stand for “enter the pool.” The football players had ETF, “enter the field” so someone ages ago came up with ETP and we have a little jingle for it.  

Give and go – give the ball and you go, pass the ball to your teammate and swim away 

  • “Give and go” is when you pass the ball, and then you go down towards the goal.  

Spin – you spin, whirlpool 

  • “Spin: is when you spin someone to get inside or front water.  

Rainbow pass– arch throw, you shoot it over someone’s head and get some curve in there 

  • “Rainbow pass” is an arch throw.