Splatoon meets Zelda:


Recently, Nintendo has announced the new Splatfest for Splatoon 3 to be themed around The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom releasing on May 12th this year. If you are confused on what Splatoon is, not to worry! In my first paragraph of my Splatoon DLC article, I give a brief history and description of the game franchise.  

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What is a Splatfest? 

A Splatfest is a special event that occurs in Splatoon every few months during the first few years of the game’s release. They typically last around 3 days, starting late on Fridays and ending at the end of Sunday.  

During the festival, there are teams to choose from and the question and choices vary every fest! The first two games in the series had only 2 teams to choose from, but in Splatoon 3, there are 3 teams. Once you pick a team, you play Splatfest-themed Turf War to fight for your team. What is Turf War? Turf War is a mode where 2 teams fight to ink most of the map with their color of ink.  

At half time, which is the night of Saturday, the Tricolor mode is able to be played. Tricolor is only able to be played during a Splatfest and consists of 3 teams instead of only 2. There are 2 players from 2 of the teams on the ends of the map, working together with the team on the other end of the map to ink the most area. There are 4 players from the remaining team that defend the Ultra-Signal and ink the most turf they can. If one of the attacking teams get past the defending and get to the Ultra-Signal, the team that got the signal gets towers that spray their ink color on their side of the map and on parts of the defending team’s portion of the map. The main idea of this mode is lots of teamwork and strategizing, as well as remembering to not splat the other team of two, since you and them are working together in this mode! 

The goal of Splatfests is to prove that your team was the best choice and settle the question of the fest! The more wins against a team you get, the bigger the chance you get to help your team reign supreme! Of course, there’s lots more to this special occasion, but a quick summary was needed for inexperienced readers. 



Nintendo is releasing many different pieces of merchandise for this crossover event! Such as keychains, shirts, and a new Tricolor map. The keychains will be released on the My Nintendo website, which means if you have enough points on Nintendo Online, you could get these keychains for free! The shirts, rather, will cost money no matter what. But they are certainly cool to look at and a great way to show your love for both videogame franchises! The map will be free in game and will most likely only be available for the Tricolor mode in Splatfests. 


What are the choices? How do I pick? 

Splatfest teams should be picked for solely the reason you believe in it. Such as the 1st Splatoon Splatfest ever, Cats or Dogs. You would pick either of those for your own reasons, then play to help the team win! 

The question for this fest is “Which do you seek?”. The choices are: Power, Wisdom, or Courage! Now, the choice is up to you. Which will you choose? 


When will this fest occur? 

This fest took place from May 5th 7pm to May 7th 7pm according to our time zone. 

 Splatfests are a fun time for many Splatoon players and fans. They add new spice to the game to keep it fresh, as well as just encouraging more people to pick up the game again. Splatoon and Zelda are no doubt fantastic games, and a Splatfest is a great way to get yourself excited for the long-awaited new release of a Zelda game. Stay tuned for this games release on May 12th, as The Legend of Zelda is truly an iconic and quality full franchise.