Bright in Blue:

The Stage Crew!

Picture this: you’re in the Lincoln-Way Central large auditorium, watching the musical Catch Me if You Can. Suddenly, the scene changes, the lights go out and when they light the room back up, it’s changed. This, as many know, is a scene change. But how does the stage change so quickly, with efficient work and quick movements? The answer: stage crew. 

Known for wearing their bright blue shirts on opening day, the stage crew is a large ensemble of people who all assist in perfecting the musical. One of the stage crew members was kind enough to give insight into the culture surrounding stage crew and the cast. 

Stage crew’s main job is to move set pieces. These tend to be a specific item such as chairs, tables, or other pieces that define a scene. Assigning people these items help to make sure the changes are quick, and as smooth as butter. Moving items off the stage is not all they are limited to- they also move items on! While seemingly simple, lots of effort goes into perfecting the movements.  

Of course, the stage crew is not limited to just interacting with each other; they also interact with the cast in many ways. Dancing with the crew is not a phenomenon and is in fact some stage crew member’s favorite parts of rehearsal.  

The stage crew is an important part of the show- the jelly to a peanut-butter-jelly sandwich. Which is why they are always recruiting. Especially for those who are shy or not privy to performing in front of a crowd, stage crew is the perfect chance to be a part of the musical while also staying within a comfort zone. Of course, stage crew is also an exciting opportunity for meeting like-minded people. Join the cast- join the crew, but whatever you do- make sure you catch the musical!