Bring Change 2 Mind

Bring Change to Mind (BC2M) is a mental health awareness club that was started this year to spread awareness about mental health topics and to give people a safe place to talk. The club currently runs the de-stress before the test weeks, providing fun activities alongside PPS.  They have helped to bring in service dogs and Just Dance in the lunchroom. Bring Change to Mind also ran “bring change to mind week” where they sold stickers, pens, and raffle tickets.

Bring Change to Mind meets 2 times a month to discuss new topics and take part in fun activities. When talking to the club’s founding members about the topics they go over, they explained that though Bring Change to Mind mostly focuses on mental health they also cover topics like sleep, healthy relationships, and time management.  Bring Change to Mind is part of an official organization around the country that’s headquartered in California and whose goal is to get high school students around the world to openly talk about topics such as mental health. Though this can be scary,  Bring Change to Mind is not about sitting and watching sad presentations, each meeting is about open discussion and sharing opinions and expiriences. One of the founding members, Helen Ambrose,  said, “It’s not a lecture – we want it to be engaging and comfortable to freely talk without judgement.” Mental health can be a scary topic to talk about and people can classify it as uncomfortable, but these topics are essential to bring awareness to because mental health affects everyone, every day.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so expect more programs from Bring Change to Mind! For more information, Teams chat Mrs. Cannon or attend a club meeting.