The “Catch” to making a musical

Catch Me if You Can– a thrilling musical with adventure, suspense, and all the aspects of an amazing musical. But what about behind the scenes? An amazing cast shapes the musical, but the stage crew and directors complete it. One of the directors, Ms. Yerkovich, offered some insight into the work that goes into a musical. 

First, deciding which musical to do every year is a long, difficult task. It’s not always about the story, but rather the size of the cast. Not every musical features a big cast, just how some don’t have a small one. Depending on how many people try out for the musical is usually the first step. There are other factors that go into deciding these, and the difficulty of the musical also eliminates a few potential choices. After that, whether the set is small or large ensures the finality of the choice. 

Now a musical is chosen, so the next step is recruiting the cast. This is also a process, but not as hard as it may appear. If you are scared to perform in person- perfect! The first step of auditioning is to submit the audition online. Although performing is still necessary, talking to a camera helps shake off the first-time nerves. After that, the in-person portion begins. This part is also short, with it being a dance audition in front of Ms. Yerkovich, and the rest of the musical staff. Then the (main) audition is done- at least for the auditioners. The musical staff still has lots to do when it comes to assembling the cast. 

Due to the fact that Ms. Yerkovich is not a Lincoln-Way Central teacher, rehearsals are the best time to get to know everyone, and she cherishes every moment. Getting to know her students is something she loves, especially because, “They’re theatre kids and pretty dang awesome (and funny).” 

Musicals don’t always have to be about the musical itself- they are also a great opportunity to join a club, find new friends, and put yourself out there! Experience is a key part of the show, in the sense that the more you audition, the more comfortable you get, opening new doors for lead parts and confidence in yourself. Of course, anxiety and fear may be one of the rocks in the roads holding you back, but auditioning is one of those things that will help with getting rid of the troubles. Ms. Yerkovich notes, “Don’t let fear get in your way, in theatre and in life! So many students have said, ‘I wish I would have started this much earlier.’ No better time than now.”