Homecoming: a freshman point of view

My first dance at high school, homecoming, was quite interesting. After the whirlwind of dress shopping, making plans, and hair/make-up, it was time.  The night started off with me taking pictures with my boyfriend, which was fun. It was only the two of us, so we didn’t have to worry about a big group of people, which would have been much more difficult to organize.

The dance was hard to describe; you just kind of had to be there! We didn’t stay in the gym long because he and I cannot dance; the lights were too bright for us; and the music was so loud that I could not hear out of my right ear. The atmosphere still made it fun to be at the dance, though. It actually gave us time to get to know each other more.  We spent most of the night talking, not dancing, and hanging out with friends.

I did more than talk to just him, however. I saw many of my friends who are older and from other schools there, and they seemed to be having fun. I went to dance and be with them for a tiny bit, after being persuaded to try out my two left feet. I still have mixed feelings about the night though, because I had fun, but not in the traditional sense. I had fun just talking with people. I cannot really say dancing the night away would be the type of thing for me to do. I do plan on going to other dances and homecoming again because I hear it’s different every year.

Overall, it looked like everyone had a great time. There was a giant mass of people in the center of the gym having fun and dancing. I will say that I cannot wait for the next dance.