Varsity player spotlight

We interviewed a few varsity players regarding three questions about their sports career.

Question 1: If you are attending college, will you continue to play your sport there?

Kyle Filkins, varsity football, plans to play baseball at Joilet Junior College.

Jake “Haubs” Haubenreiser, varsity football, is joining the Air Force after High school.

Isaac Hopper, varsity soccer, wants to play soccer for a small college, preferably Milliken College.


Question 2: Who is your biggest inspiration to play?

Filkins’ inspiration is his father because he played professional football.

Haubenreiser’s inspiration is his grandfather because his grandfather loves to talk to him about it.

Hopper’s inspiration is his father Mr. Hopper, a teacher at Lincoln Way Central, because he has always supported him through being his goalie coach.


Question 3: Do you have a pre-game superstition or tradition?

Before a game, Filkins gains inspiration by imagining who he has to play for in the stands.

Haubenreiser has to listen to “Bang Bang” by Ariana Grande and Jesse J. and eat a Jimmy Dean Breakfast bowl preceding game time.

Hopper always eats a peanut butter and banana sandwich prior to playing.