the creative writing app

Wattpad is an interactive reading website and app that can be used on your mobile device or PC to post and review creative writing. Anyone can make an account for free and read stories by authors that are either new to writing, or have already published books. A great thing about Wattpad is that you can write comments after every paragraph on how you feel about the book; like whether a quote made you laugh, or cry, or anything in between. It is also a creative outlet for writers to get feedback. This is especially helpful for those that are reluctant to share their writing with family or friends. Wattpad is not only incredible because of the opportunities it can create for aspiring authors, but also because of its many genres. Some of the more original genres include: Fan-fiction, Paranormal, Chick Lit, Vampire, and Werewolf. The traditional generes like Non-fiction, Science Fiction, Humor, etc. are also welcome. What makes Wattpad so impressive is that it is unlimited: pieces of writing are starting out and finishing up every day. No one will ever run out of reading material on Wattpad.  Go to wattpad.com or find the app on your mobile device and start writing!