Putting pep in your step


The LWC pep band plays at boys basketball Senior Night.

Allison Bath, Staff Writer

Pep band is a well-known activity that plays up-beat music at girls’ and boys’ basketball home games. This extracurricular activity is enjoyed by every musician, freshman through seniors. The best thing about it, no real requirement is needed to join! You just have to know how to play an instrument and boom, you can join.  

It’s loads of fun and you can get into home games for free and add to your highschool experience. The atmosphere is always top notch for basketball games when the pep band is present. They bring positive and hyped energy with full support to our teams. Pep band increases student involvement throughout the school and with sporting events. 

 Some of the favorite songs that the band plays are the starting warmups/ lineup songs which are “Lincoln-Way Loyalty” and “The ‘Hey’ song.” The drum starts off when the announcer is reading off the starting players names and after these five are on the court ready to play, the band plays the first 10 lines of the Hey song for the game to begin. When our Knights need some encouragement, the pep band plays “Low Brass Cheer” and the “Avengers Theme Song” to help keep the energy flowing. When the team is having a rough time on the court or the other team gets a little too confident, the song “My House” is blasted to show that you don’t mess with the Knights’ on their home turf. At the end of every basketball game, the song “Holiday” is played as everyone is leaving the gym, for it is tradition of the pep band to leave a positive impact in our school. 

 To show some personal insight of the pep band at basketball games, we interviewed one of our star players. Jack Vegter is a senior on the varsity boys basketball team who transferred from Lincoln-Way East this year. He claims, “The pep band brings the energy we need to play, helps motivate us to keep fighting, and to win our games. It’s good school spirit to have them participate in our winnings and show up at the home games.The boys, especially, appreciate having them in the main gym with us and, to be honest, it’s a little boring without the pep band.” 

Show your Knight pride and either join the pep band or dance and chant along with them through the games!