The best drinking fountain is…


Abby Malone poses with her favorite water fountain

Have you ever heard someone say that a specific wing in the building has better water than the other? Ever since I got to Lincoln-Way Central, I’ve heard numerous rumors about “the best drinking fountain,” but which one is it really? To debunk this mystery, I have decided to take a survey in a random sample of classes here at Lincoln-Way to see which wing truly comes out on top for the best water at school.

Here are the results:

Best Water (part of building)



82 2 2 6 30
Worst Water (part of building) A B C D E
4 42 58 10 6



Best water- A wing!

Worst water- C wing!

It is pretty clear who the fan favorites are and which wings are lacking in their water fountain quality. For the best water, A wing won with about 67 percent of the votes. I guess logically this would make sense, since A-wing is the athletic part of the school with our Main Gym and Fieldhouse.  It is reasonable to suspect that we would offer cold, fresh water to our athletes. It is also no surprise that C-wing was the big winner for Lincoln-Way Central’s worst water, taking the lead with about 48 percent of the votes. C-wing is in the middle of the school and is definitely one of the older parts as well. Although this wing may not have the best water fountains around, students should feel assured that there are plenty of options within plausible walking distance during our 6 minute passing periods. To get more incite of the theory of LWC’s water fountain, I’ve interviewed Natasha Jarchow, a junior here at LWC. Here’s was she has to say:

Which water fountain is your personal favorite?

“I have to say I agree with majority here and I believe A-wing has the best water. I usually go to the one outside of the field house or right inside the fitness center because hose tend to be the coldest.”


Do you have any tips for incoming freshman?

“First, always carry around a reusable water bottle and try to fill it up as much as you can throughout the day. It’s always good to stay hydrated for the day. Also, try and schedule your day so that you can have a routine rather than worrying about when to stop and the water fountain/bathrooms each day. It just makes life a little easier.”