Traveling with Lincoln-Way

The Lincoln-Way High Schools have many traveling opportunities available for their students. In some cases a student must be actively involved in a class to participate in that trip, but in other cases ,the traveling opportunities are open to anyone. Traveling can be in the US or overseas, but either way, there are many unique experiences available if a student is willing to embark on a journey. In the past, Lincoln-Way students have traveled to Spain, France, Italy, Germany and other countries. These opportunities are priceless. If a person is considering studying abroad in college, this is a great opportunity to see if that person would like the experience. Traveling with the school also allows students to meet new people from other schools in the district, or they could sign up with their friends. By traveling with the school, a student will be able to experience a culture and visit many places, and not have to do any worksheets. From my personal experience through traveling to Italy with Lincoln-Way, I can say that the they try to take you to as many places you can visit in the amount of time allowed for the trip. Also, the trips allow students to not only learn  a lot about the culture in the country, but also get to experience it first hand. Some upcoming trips this year include France and Spain. So, if you are interested in traveling stay posted for more future events.