Maintaining Relationships Column

how to NOT let school and stress overpower your relationship

Relationships seem to be one of the biggest parts of most people’s high-school career. With having a strong a relationship in high-school comes some challenges you must face. I interviewed Noah Bryles, a happy half of an 8 month relationship. “Between soccer, school, homework, work, and applying for colleges, it’s really hard to find social time” claims Bryles, who is on the LWC varsity soccer team. “It’s very stressful right now, but I do make the most out of it, and enjoy everything I do.” Bryles, a senior, is a very strong student here at LWC. “These things take up time, and usually if I want to see my friends or girlfriend, I tend to sacrifice my sleep. It’s all about what you can sacrifice. My friends and girlfriend understand my priorities, so it isn’t a big deal if we can’t see each other for a few days.”

Even though Bryles and his girlfriend attend different schools, he knows how hard it can be even if you are in the same school. “Sometimes you can go days without seeing each other, and as the responsibilities pile up, some tension is not uncommon.” Bryles says that to get past this, you need to come to an “understanding” to keep it going strong.

Stress and school seem to coincide, and that can make for a frustrating and long year. “I don’t think I’ve ever been more stressed in my life,” Bryles claims, “there are so many things to do in such a short day, that it starts to take a toll on your body. Positivity is key, if you let the stress control you, it will make for a rough year.”

Luckily with all that hard work that gets put into a school year, we get some rewards too. “I love our school dances! They usually make a whole week into an event.” Bryles tells with his excitement eminent. “It’s a stress reliever for sure.” Bryles even claims that it is like a having a “mini concert with all your friends.”

Being involved in high school and trying to keep a relationship can be tough. “There are so many things going on in life, and it’s great to be in a relationship, but if it takes control over your life, and it becomes hard to stay on top of the really important stuff, you need to set it straight, You need to only take what you can handle, even if that means only seeing each other two times a week at most.”

With that being said, there can be a lot of awkwardness in the relationship as it goes on. “Opening up is hard and awkward,” Byrles tells, “The first few dates are awkward, it’s basically like trying to get to know a stranger. For me, I embraced the awkwardness. Don’t let it take over when you get to that first date, it’s worth it.”

With most relationships, jealousy can be an issue for a lot of people, especially when you attend different schools. “My girlfriend attends Lincoln-Way West, and we’ve had no real issues with jealousy; we always try and oneup each other with our schools, but it’s all just fun. In the end, jealousy shouldn’t take over. Enjoy your situations, as well has your significant other.”

Some last advice Bryles has is that “In the end, school and life around it can become stressful. Life is all about management, it is not impossible to enjoy yourself. It all depends on how much and what you decided to make of the situation you are given.”