First home football game

Interview with Coach Cordell:

Q: What do you expect for the season?

A: I expect us to play our best, practice every week and come out every game 1-0

Q: How do the players feel playing with the transition of LWE and LWC?

A: It worked out the best for our team. We have been practicing since January and we have become a family. We have been together for 8 months and honestly, we are just one big family.

Q: What do you expect for tonight’s game?

A: I expect a great turnout and lots of excitement. We had so much help from people in preparing and I would just like to thank the administration, students, staff and parents for supporting our great team.

The Game:

Lincoln-Way Central students bled red and black throughout the stadium. Members of the community flocked to LWC to see the first home game against Sandburg. The cheerleaders did an excellent job cheering on the players and getting the crowd standing and shouting for our team. Fans wore face paint and LWC apparel. Everyone went all out for this event. The players were excited, but they did a great job staying focused. Every player played with their heart and soul and gave 100%. To the credit of everyone’s hard work and determination, LWC came out on top and beat Sandburg 35-10.