Senior Survey

Samantha Mitchell, Editorial Editor

As the end of the year is approaching, all students are looking forward to summer and the exciting adventures it brings, but for the seniors of our student body, it is their last time walking the halls of Lincoln-Way Central and will forever leave the high school lifestyle. Until you live it, no one has the ability to know exactly how it feels. I questioned three seniors on their future plans and the advice they have for juniors. The three seniors are Rachel McDade, Kat Regnier, and Carlos F.H. .

  • Where will you be attending next year?K: Grand Valley State University


    1. C: LaSalle University Ramon LIVII
    2. R: Purdue West Lafayette
  • What do you plan on majoring in?K: Cinematography


    1. C: Biomolecular/Chemical Engineering
    2. R: Nursing
  • What/Who will you miss most from Lincoln-Way Central?K: Friends and teachers


    1. C: Friends and teachers
    2. R: Friends and teachers, who made class fun
  • What advice do you have for upcoming seniors?K: Save all the money you receive for college


    1. C: Take advantage of all opportunities, even if they do not appear to be fun. You cannot judge it until you live it.
    2. R: Take advantage of all memory making opportunities
  • What is your favorite memory here at Lincoln-Way Central?K: The Rice Krispie Treat giving vending machineĀ 


  1. C: Friday night football games with friends
  2. R: Homecoming Week/ Senior Knight for Fall Poms