WinterFest Recap

This year there was a lot of hype going around Lincoln-Way Central about the annual TWIRP dance. Why? Well, mainly because it wasn’t TWIRP this year! B96 hosted WinterFest, a dance that greatly resembled Social (Central’s pre-prom party) and included more than just a DJ. There were games, a photo booth, and an interactive bounce house based on the inflatable machines from the TV show Wipeout. Freshman Julia Martin said, “One of the best parts of the night was doing so horrible on the Wipeout thing with all of my friends. It was hilarious.” The other unique thing about this dance was that any style of clothing was acceptable, formal or casual, as long as you wore black. Half of the students who went were dressed up in normal dance attire, while the other half rocked leggings and tee shirts. It seemed like for the most part people went with groups of their friends, and it was a much less couple-based dance (although there were still plenty of couples on the dance floor). When asked about WinterFest in comparison to TWIRP dances of the past, senior Danielle Kleczka said, “It was a super fun experience and the music was better than it had been at previous dances.” Overall, I would say the night was a success and that everyone who chose to go had a great time (my friends and I most certainly did!) The extra activities offered a fun alternative to just dancing all night long and the photo booth was a great way to capture memories that will last forever. Whether or not TWIRP will make a reappearance in the future is still unknown, but I’m sure the students at Lincoln-Way would agree that no one will complain if WinterFest is here to stay.