War against terror

After the recent terror attacks in Paris, Obama and other leaders of foreign countries have to search for ways to deal with the threat of terrorism. Although everyone is concerned about these events, foreign policy is in for a change. Our very own President Barack Obama said that US trained troops are in the process of pushing back ISIS through Syria and Iraq. He does not intend to send more troops and “regional security forces will have to play a leading role in the anti-ISIS effort,” as stated by CNN. The goal of the armed forces is to go after the “heart” of ISIS and remove their monetary and human resources. By developing local security forces, the fight will be long term but successful. The fight against terror is not only on America’s shoulders, but also relies on the efforts of other groups who are against the terrorism. Barack Obama said that success will come with, “Communities, including scholars and clerics, rejecting warped interpretations of Islam and protecting their sons and daughters from recruitment,” as stated by CNN. Not only is the fight physical, in the troops sent to ward off the extremists, but also in the mindset of the groups most affected by ISIS, in their knowledge that the extremist groups are no good to the country’s welfare. Although the fight will last, there will be success in changing the mentality and strategies of the people willing to help the fight against terror.