Scream Queens

why you seriously need to be watching

Maddy Rohn, Editor in Chief

Scream Queens is the new series on Fox created by Ryan Murphy.  The first season follows the lives of students at Wallace University, particularly the sorority girls of Kappa Kappa Tau. Twenty years after a mysterious death occurred at the college, a serial killer appears on campus and begins tormenting the students. When the insane dean of the school covers up the murders in hopes of keeping school in session, it becomes up to the sorority sisters and the nearby fraternity house to investigate and take down the killer. With no help from authority figures (besides the hilarious Denise Hemphill, a security guard working for a private company), it becomes a race against the clock as the casualties pile up. Every character is a suspect and nobody’s favorite character is safe from death. It sounds scary, but it is actually hilarious, and the episodes will leave you in tears from laughing so hard. This show has everything necessary to be your fall TV addiction. With drama, humor, mystery, and horror, the series will remind you of Mean Girls mixed with American Horror Story. The show is also jam packed with all your favorite celebrities (Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslyn, Keke Palmer, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michelle…seriously, could it be a better cast?). So far there are six episodes, and plenty of time to catch up before what is sure to be an epic season finale in November. So spend your Saturday night binging the six episodes that have already aired, you don’t want to get too behind and risk seeing spoilers! The series can only improve, and after this mystery is over, the second season will follow the surviving characters to a new location and a new mystery will begin. Scream Queens is on Fox Tuesday nights at 8pm.


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