Wondering what to do this winter?

During the cold times of the year, usually within the months of December through February, people feel bored due to the weather being bad and not being able to have fun outside. While the belief that you can’t have fun outside in the cold in inaccurate, winter does bring on more time spent indoors. Conventionally, people usually build snowmen and igloos, go sledding, and ice skate with friends and family, but those are not all the activities that people can enjoy during the frigid weather. Family and friends can travel to Chicago and visit Navy Pier for their indoor skating and amusement park. Also, people can go see the huge Christmas tree and learn about different cultures during the German festival.  Indoors and at home, families can enjoy the art of making cookies and even have a competition, if the family happens to enjoy competitions. Winter is not only good for the holidays, but also for the time that families have to spend with each other and learn their other family member’s true interests and personalities.