Improvement in diabetic treatment

Diabetes is a medical condition which a person could have at any age. Type 2 diabetes is when a person’s body does not produce insulin properly and then causes a person’s blood sugar levels to rise higher than normal. Initially, type 2 is not as severe as type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is when a person’s body destroys the cells in their pancreas and, therefore, it cannot produce insulin. It is more frequently diagnosed in children and young adults. Type 1 diabetics need insulin every day to stay alive. This is given by shots or through a machine called and insulin pump. The insulin that is injected into the person’s body is a replacement for the hormone the person can’t make.

The American Diabetes Association works to inform, help, and fundraise for diabetics and their families. Some activities they have include walks and summer camps. During these summer camps, kids with diabetes get to meet other campers with diabetes and learn more about their auto immune disease. There is medical staff on board to help the kids so the parents don’t have to worry. The campers get to do many fun activities including crafts, fire department tours, and even getting sprayed with a fire hose. But there is also education time to learn more about diabetes. Even though camp is a great experience and the kids love coming back each year, it would be nice to cure diabetes.

The researchers at Harvard University have been working on a cure for diabetes. They have been able to produce human insulin- producing beta cells. These cells produce insulin which the diabetic’s body is not making. Even though we are years away from a cure there is new hope that they are closer to discovering a solution.  Hopefully, one day with this new discovery diabetes will no longer exist.