A ‘Knight’ with Arthur Miller

The fall play is a cherished tradition here at Central. As the bigger-casted production out of the two plays, many young actors and actresses like to participate in this play, which this autumn was A Night with Arthur Miller. This play is a compilation of a few of Arthur Miller’s masterpieces. It consists of several scenes from All My Sons, The Crucible, A View from the Bridge, and it ends with Miller’s most famous work, The Death of a Salesman.

All My Sons is a story about a soldier who disappeared during World War II. While most of his family has given up hope and realized that he must be dead, his mother remains crazed in her belief that he must be alive. Her son is trying to convince her otherwise, for he wants to wed the girlfriend of his missing brother. The audience realizes if he does marry this girl, he will be pronouncing his brother dead, which would devastate his mother. Complete with a tragic plot twist, the intensity of this show is incredibly passionate and moving, and one of Miller’s best works.

The Crucible takes place in New England during the time of the Salem Witch trials. Young girls are being accused of witchcraft and soon they begin accusing each other in acts of vengeance. Throw in a scandalous affair between a tragic hero and a rebellious servant girl, breakouts of insanity in the courtroom, and close the show with a devastating ending and you too will see how powerful The Crucible is. This is a play by Miller that one cannot overlook.

A View from the Bridge is about what happens when an adopted daughter begins to be loved a little too much by her father figure. When it’s time for the young girl to wed, it seems her “father” cannot let go and give up his twisted affection. The ending of the show shocks its audience with a moving climax filled with distress and betrayal. This work by Miller is one that will both boggle the mind as well as wound the heart.

The Death of Salesman ends the night with Arthur Miller’s most famous, classic show. The unhappy existence of a businessman that simply cannot keep up with the pressures of his life continues to break the hearts of audience members through each rendition of this production. As a husband and a father, his deep depression and bursts of mental instability are revealed to the audience and showcase the raw realness of a tragic hero. This is the perfect way to close a night of Miller’s productions.

Narrated by Miller himself, this show had a special personal touch that breathed some of Miller’s spirit into each scene. As a member of the cast, I’d like to thank everyone for attending our fall play and encourage you to keep up with Lincoln Way Central’s theater and future student productions!