National December holidays

Adrien Tarkowski, Copy Editor

Need something to do this December?  Take a look at these lesser-known holidays and plan your celebration!

12/1        Giving Tuesday and Red Apple Day- Give away some old stuff you don’t use anymore to Goodwill.

12/2        Fritters Day

12/3        Disability, Roof Over Your Head, Make a Gift Day-Help someone with a disability today, even just holding open a door can really make a difference.

12/4        Wildlife Conservation and Cookie Day– Enjoy nature today by going on a hike or making cookies and having a picnic in the park.

12/5        Ninja Day- Go undercover with your friends and sneak around. Maybe wear your most secretive outfit.

12/6        Miners’ Day and Hanukkah Begins

12/7        Letter Writing and Cotton Candy Day- Get a pen pal and write someone from far away. Treat yourself to some cotton candy.

12/8        Brownie and Time Traveler Day- Eat a brownie while watching Back to the Future or another beloved time traveling flick.

12/9        Techno Day

12/10              Human Rights Day

12/11              Lost & Found Day– look for your stuff in the lost and found.

12/12              Poinsettia and Gingerbread House/Decorating Day

12/13       Violin, Choral, and Candle Lighting Day- Sing a song or go caroling with friends and family.

12/14              Monkey Day and Hanukkah Ends

12/15              Cat Herders Day

12/16              Reconciliation and Chocolate Covered Anything Day-

Chocolate covered anything always sounds good but today try to go all out and have a chocolate fondue day.

12/17              Re-gift and Maple Syrup Day

12/18              Bake Cookies, Underdog, Migrants, Ugly Sweater Day-

Get all your friends together to have a competition on whose sweater was the worst and have the losers bake the winner their favorite cookies

12/19              Evergreen Day- Go out and get a Christmas tree with the family.

12/20       Games and Caroling Day- Make a game out of caroling and spreading holiday cheer, split your group in two and see who gets the most houses

12/21       Crossword, Humbug, and Short Story Day- Stay inside and have a relaxing day, enjoy indoor activities and maybe write a short story or download a crossword puzzle app.

12/22              Forefathers’ Day

12/23       Roots/Ancestors’ Day- Find out who your ancestors are by going online or asking your older relatives.

12/24              Eggnog Day

12/25       Christmas and Pumpkin Pie Day- Celebrate a widely beloved holiday with your family.

12/26              Candy Cane and Thank You Note Day

12/27       Visit the Zoo Day- If you have a Brookfield Zoo season pass you can go during any season!

12/28              Card Playing Day

12/29              Tick Tock Day

12/30              Bacon Day

12/31       Make Up Your Mind Day- Maybe today is the day to get serious and make up some New Year’s resolutions and think about college and what you want to do with your life.