The Walking Dead

and why you should watch it

photo courtesy of Google Images

photo courtesy of Google Images

The Walking Dead, one of AMC’s most popular tv shows and a hit nationwide, with last season’s premiere having over 17 million views, is an astounding series that will keep you on the edge of your seat with every turn.

The show is about a sheriff, named Rick, who was in an accident and wakes up a few months later, in a hospital, to find that the worlds turned upside down, having been overrun with a zombie virus. No one is quite sure how the virus started but those infected can spread it to others by biting them. After Rick wakes up in this post-apocalyptic world, he goes out to try to find his wife and son in this world, praying that they’re not dead. The show consists of one journey after the next always striving to survive, and shows just how far some will go in order to keep their own life. Some survivalists will seek surviving by themselves, while others will work better in a group, with everyone looking out for the other. Trust is one of the main themes of the show, along with survival, not being sure of who you can let in or who to turn away is a constant struggle this group of survivors’ faces. The battle between what’s right and what’s wrong is also a struggle the characters go through in the show. Is killing someone before they turn into a “walker” a sin, or is it doing the world justice? Does not helping a stranger fight off the biters make you a bad person because you care more for your own survival? These are just some of the questions the Walking Dead pursues throughout this epic tv series.

If you haven’t started watching the show yet, I would highly recommend it. If you enjoy zombie survivals and post-apocalyptic worlds, then The Walking Dead is the show for you.

This year’s season is something to look forward too, if it follows its relation with the comic books then the series will have a ton of excitement for all viewers to enjoy.