Mrs. Galvan’s Goodbye


Angelina McNulty, Staff Writer

Secretary Mrs. Galvan has been working with the Lincoln Way District for 23 years. At the end of this semester, we will be saying goodbye to a beloved member of the Lincoln Way staff who has put in many years of hard work for our school as she enters a well-deserved retirement. During her time at Lincoln Way, Mrs. Galvan has loved the spirit and the attitude of the students, and she has forged many friendships through her work here.

With all of her new free time, Mrs. Galvan plans to spend more time with her family. She is excited to be able to travel with her husband, and visit her son in Memphis. Mrs. Galvan has a new grandson, and she is glad to be able to spend time with him and her mom in her retirement.

Over the 23 years Mrs. Galvan has spent with Lincoln-Way, many things have changed. She notes that every year, the new teachers seem to get younger and younger. While the personalities of the students have mostly remained the same, Mrs. Galvan has seen many changes in hairstyle and dress code throughout the years – both for the students and herself. But the best change she has seen is that, “Every year,” says Mrs. Galvan, “the spirit in this school keeps growing.”

Working at Lincoln-Way has really impacted Mrs. Galvan’s life. She has learned many skills while at the school. Mrs. Galvan originally worked at a hospital, but she loves the atmosphere of Lincoln-Way. She feels that the staff and students at Lincoln-Way Central have become her family over the years.

The amount of hard work Mrs. Galvan has put into our school is astounding. She is always ready to help anyone who needs it, and she always does her job in the most cheerful manner. There is never a day that she seems unhappy to be here. Lincoln-Way is a great place to go to school, thanks to people like Mrs. Galvan who put in the effort and dedication needed to make it extraordinary. Anyone who talks to her always has a smile on his or her face. Mrs. Galvan is a wonderful person and member of the Lincoln-Way staff, and she will be greatly missed in her retirement.