Once a Knight, always a Knight

Lincoln-Way Central is a school full of traditions and legacies that have been passed down through the years. The history of the school can be seen in the pictures on the walls, the trophies in the cases, and in the former students who returned as teachers to pass on their wisdom to the next generation.   Lincoln-Way alumni who now have joined the Central staff include Dr. Provis, Mrs. Brauer, Mrs. Yanule, Mrs. Taylor, Mr. Fahey, Mr. Shannon, Mr. Hudson, Mrs. Pehle, Mr. DePolo, Mrs. Jefferies, and Mr. Holba. These Central graduates weighed in on their favorite aspects of their high school careers and what has changed about Central since then.

Mrs. Brauer’s favorite part of high school was being involved in the music department and partaking in her English classes. Her extra curricular activities included being in Marching Knights, the school musicals, choir, and snowball club. Being a teacher at the school that she once attended, Mrs. Brauer said that she has come to realize “as a student I took for granted the strong opportunity I had for a solid education.” Students can see from Mrs. Brauer’s high school experience how Lincoln-Way has left a lasting impact on the lives of its students. Now, many Central students have returned to pass down the education they once received.

Mr. Shannon’s school activities included managing the basketball and football team, for which he later received a scholarship. The things that he enjoyed most about Central are the people that he met whom he is a still friend with today. He believes that the biggest differences in Lincoln-Way Central from when he was a student to now are that the building is bigger, the rules have gotten easier, and the kids generally want to come and enjoy being at the school more.

Dr. Provis was a part of the football team, basketball team, and the German club during his high school career. The parts of Lincoln-Way that have been added since he was a student include the E wing, field house, air conditioning, and the lights on the football field. When Dr. Provis attended Lincoln-Way, all football games were held on Saturdays, due to the lack of lights on Friday night. Being the principal of Lincoln-Way Central has made him realize all that takes place behind the scenes at the school. He now sees the importance of the traditions held at Central and how they bring the student body together. His favorite part of working at Central is interacting with the students. He loves working with young adults and seeing the growth that takes place between freshman year and graduation.

Not only does Lincoln-Way Central leave a lasting impact on each student that passes through, but each student and staff member has formed what the school is today. Every staff member who was once a student can see the transformation of the school that has taken place over the years. Although the building has changed, the pride and school spirit that the Lincoln-Way Central has had from the beginning remain.