Helpful Hints for Freshmen

The new school year has officially begun, and the freshmen who have been abruptly thrown into the high school environment can sometimes feel bewildered, stressed, and left in the dust. After speaking to a class of freshmen students, I would like to ease the minds of these confused freshmen by answering some of their most commonly asked questions.

Some of the most sought-after answers involve finding the quickest route to class. While it is true that there are multiple ways to get to every classroom, you will find that each route is quite lengthy and comes with its own set of obstacles.  The advice I give to you short-cut seekers is to find the path that has the least hallway traffic and has a bathroom in the nearest proximity.  This rule of thumb will ensure that your classroom commute consists of the best possible experience.

Not only is the journey to class sometimes difficult for freshmen, but homework management can also be a struggle. Many of you are probably wondering if it is humanly possible to fulfill all of your homework requirements.  I am pleased to assure you that your homework load can be conqured with preparation and strategic planning.  Many of your teachers will either give you the class plan for the entire week or warn you of approaching assignments ahead of time. I promise you that your teachers are not informing you of your upcoming due dates just so that they do not forget to tell you later.  If you actually plan ahead and work on large assignments throughout the week, you can avoid last minute cramming (this especially applies to any Honors English students. The night before the due date is NOT the time to make all of your Word Wealth flash cards).

The most important topic I would like to address is how to have fun at Lincoln-Way Central. Getting involved with clubs and sports is the best way to enjoy your time at school. If you are looking for a way to find an activity that best fits you, see Mr. Waddell in room D123, and he will gladly help you. Also, spectating sporting events is always a great time, considering that food is sold and entertainment is provided. A full calendar of all sporting events can be found on Lincoln-Way Centrals Athletic page. Although freshmen year  can be daunting, any freshmen will be successful if they try their hardest to plan ahead and enjoy their time at Central.