New Year, New (Healthy) Food!


Rachel Dohm

The new Healthy Vending machine in the AP Room.

As students have all probably noticed, our school has made some changes when it comes to lunches. No more deep-fryers, no more mozzarella sticks, and no more mac and cheese wedges! Now everything served in the lunch room is baked. This new change has been enforced by Michelle Obama and her Let’s Move program. This program’s goal is to encourage kids to live a healthier lifestyle, which includes exercising daily and eating a healthy diet. All across America, childhood obesity has become an epidemic. Because 40% of food in a child’s diet is consumed at school, that’s the best place to start the healthy food wave. Although the food options are now better in a nutritional aspect, not all students are fans of the healthier eats. Sophomore Peter Sakellaris said that he can definitely notice a significant difference between last year’s food to this year’s. For example, a lunch this year consists of more fruit and veggie side dishes to accompany the main entrée. A typical lunch menu this year would be:

  • Pizza Puff
  • Cucumbers with Dressing
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Mandarin Oranges
  • Juice Cup
  • Milk

Last year, you wouldn’t have seen as many fruit and vegetable side dishes served with a lunch. Also, our beloved vending machines that used to be filled with chips, cookies, Pop Tarts and candy have since been removed as a result of this change. Instead, they’ve been replaced with the new “Healthy Vending” machines, filled with organic soda, granola bars, and baked snacks. Students were reluctant at first, but after the recent taste test held in the cafeteria, students have realized how food can taste good and also be good for you. Hopefully students can become accustomed to the new menu changes and embrace the effects of healthy eating, even though they miss the greasy fries and mozzarella sticks.