Girls’ Volleyball

Living up to expectations

Ben Franc, Staff Writer

The girls’ varsity volleyball team has always been a top contender in their conference. Being very successful last year, this year’s team might feel the pressure to live up to last year’s expectations. With a new coach, Jodie Frigo, to help, the team is feeling optimistic. “We’ve lost a lot of good players, but I think we can do very well this season,” Says Kendall Carstens.

Last year’s team made it to Sectionals in an unbelievable showing of athletic ability and teamwork. Toni Leitshuh is considered by some to be the impact player this year. She is also optimistic this year but believes there is room for improvement: “The attitude and teamwork this year is great. Everyone works hard.” When asked how she feels about this years team and their ability she responded with, “It’s hard to judge how we’ll be, we definitely need to work on our defense and passing.”

The players had nothing but good things to say about their new coach. Hailey VanRoosendaal says, “She has really good chemistry with the team. She’s coming in at a great time to help out.” The team sincerely believes that they still have a spot at the state championship and have the ability to make it there. New players, a new coach, a new team. Although the team has a lot to live up to, they have a lot of potential and may be a top contender this year.