Flash from the Past:

Teachers’ Homecoming

Julia Pickham, Staff Writer

After Homecoming, all students wonder how their teachers’ homecomings went. What was their homecoming week, pep rallies, football games, dates, dresses, and of course, dances like?

Mrs. Phele’s homecoming experience involved her staying up all night eating ice cream and making senior shirts. The pep rally, which was held after school, included a tug-of-war game against the teachers. At the dance, she wore a short black dress with heels, and she went with her football-playing boyfriend.

Mr. Helbling’s homecoming theme was villains. He stayed up at night with his class all week making paper mache floats. He made his own class t-shirt because he thought he was “too cool.” His pep rally was on the football field with the students seated in the stands and the football players and cheerleaders on the field. Again, he thought he was “too good” to sit in the stands so he went on the field, stole the mic, and started a school chant…without getting in trouble! As for the dance, he went with a different girl each year and went to a friend’s house afterwards.

Mrs. Sieber had a fun homecoming when she was nominated for the homecoming court one year. While she didn’t go to any football games, she went to all of the dances. Going to school in the 90’s, the girls wore long strappy dresses with thick heels and big curly hair, which was easy for her to achieve. After she went to the dance, they went out to Bakers Square and slept over at friend’s houses.

Several teachers mentioned a tradition at their high schools called “color wars.” Each class of students (freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior) was assigned a color. During homecoming week, the students were required to decorate one hallway with that class’s color. They also had to wear their class’s color one day during the spirit week. The winner of the color wars would be announced at the pep rally.