New (School) Year Resolutions

“New (school) year resolutions”

As always with a new beginning, people look to it as a fresh start and a time for change. The new school year is no different. Students have started the 2014-2015 school year with positive attitudes ready for change from old habits. They have made goals that they wish to achieve this year and what they’d like to change from last year. Here are a few of these students’ resolutions.

“I want to get more involved in after school activities and try to make high honor roll both semesters.”

-Amy Zajac, sophomore

“My school year resolution is to get good grades and just get through this year, making it the best I can.”

-Gavin Regnier, freshman

“I hope to be able to go to more dances and interact more with everyone. I also hope to build my art portfolio and win awards at the art show.”

-Theresa Erickson, senior

“I definitely need to improve my overall GPA this year, start looking at colleges, and get a good score on the ACT.”

-Max Loucks, junior

“My resolution this year would be to focus in my classes and just make it to junior year. I want to do better in school but also find a way to enjoy doing it.”

-Nick Boeckman, sophomore

“I was such a procrastinator in junior high and I would love to break that habit. Especially being an honors student I know I’ll have a heavy workload, and I want to work to the best of my abilities instead of rushing through it all.”

-Elizabeth Ihrke, freshman

“This year I want to focus on time management and change how I do my homework. I hope to keep myself on task and stay more focused on what I’m doing and get it done efficiently.”

-Cassidy Sutter, sophomore

“One thing I want to change is to buckle down on my studies and be more diligent with my schoolwork so I can graduate on time.”

-Trevor McGinnis, senior

“I hope to get a good grade on my ACT and I want to change my feelings about the school year so I can be more optimistic.”

-Alaina Thompson, junior

“I want to go 9-0 again on the football team but also get straight A’s in class. I want to definitely focus more on academics rather than just on sports.”

-Victor Schnayer, sophomore

“One resolution I have is to try to be a better student, last year I procrastinated a lot so I want to not blow things off the last minute anymore, like I used to last year.”

-Tyler Vavouleas, junior