Aesthetic Activism


Protests. They’ve helped change history, rally groups, and create real progress. It gives ordinary citizens a chance to express their values. But what’s more important than voicing your beliefs? Clearly, the answer is voicing it in an Instagram-able fashion. How do you make a clickable protest sign? How do you make your impact Instagram-able? Which outfits are fierce? In this short guide, you’ll be on the fast-track to the trending page. 

 Signs are important. One thing to keep in mind is that if people have to read more than five words, you’ve already lost them. They’ve already scrolled.  So, to maximize your clicks, you’ve got to keep it quick.  Nobody wants to go through the anguish of knowing why you’re protesting. The important thing is that they see that you are protesting. The issue doesn’t necessarily need to be addressed for you to get good-person points. Seeing a sad orphan or the inside of a puppy mill on a poster isn’t very aesthetically pleasing. It’s got to fit into your Insta grid! 

For clothes, you’ve got to go big. Dress up like a Hunger Games character. If you don’t look straight out of a young adult dystopia novel, you’re slacking. Revolutionary looks are very on trend. Black combat boots, face paint, fingerless gloves. All necessities. A bit of face paint is perfect. Leather jackets are very in. Point being, looking good is just as- if even more so- important than doing good.  

Scenery is also very important. If you get a pic in front of a car on fire, you’re golden. Find a broken window or two and feign a frown. Remember, you’re so brave for going out to protest. You risked your life to stand up for the little guy! It’s less about showing your frustration and pain about injustice and more so about getting the right vibe. You need an intense atmosphere for your pictures. 

 As far as cohesiveness, you must always make it fit your aura. If you’ve got a moody page, go for a black-and-white filter. Makeup guru? Write your slogan of choice on your face with eyeliner (only in a flattering place, of course). If you’ve got that adorable wholesome energy, post a more positive sign at golden hour. Why post if not to build your internet persona? 

 Just remember, you don’t need to be at the protest for very long. Sometimes those things can be a huge mood killer. Snap enough pics and go home. You’ve got content to make.