Focusing in on Finals

Finals is known as the most stressful times for students, regardless of how long you have been taking them. Whether you are a freshman or senior, finals are always nerve wracking and an overall wild week.

After talking to Counselor Monica Zaucha, she has recommended a few tips to prepare. Firstly, study in advance, cramming in all your work the day before may work in some instances, but not for finals. Spending about half an hour to one hour a day studying, with breaks when need be, is a great way to get some studying in.

In addition, I asked Mr. Holder what tips he would give any curious student. He shared that the key to calm yourself and remember your information is to, “Start by making sure that you are prepared as you can be” and “Get a lot of sleep- getting 8 or 9 hours of sleep can help destress yourself.”

Next, one of the areas that students stress over the most is the writing portion of any final exam, because you can not see the answer choice in front of you. If you are nervous over the writing portion, do not fret, ifyour teacher is giving a writing portion ask what parts you can study so you can know what subjects to focus on.  You can also visit The Writing Center with past writing assignments to get extra feedback and help with improving.

Finally, at the New Lenox public library, many activities are open for high school students to help destress for finals. Including gift bags, baking, and many others. If you would like to know more, hop over to the library’s website (linked below!) and scroll to the events.

New Lenox Public Library Finals Study Blitz