National Parks


Helen Ambrose

Mt. Ranier National Park

Every day, we wake up and look out our windows at the sky, the grass, the trees; we take for granted these wonderful things. We should be so grateful for the wonders of the world and the nature that can grow and thrive even in cement-filled cities and carbon-filled skies. The National Park Foundation’s goal is to preserve and protect our national parks to create a better future for the next generation.

While the National Park Foundation focuses on preservation of wildlife and nature, they also reach out to young people to get them involved in programs that encourage interaction with the environment. By offering outdoor camps and day camps, children learn to engage in nature and learn about the world around them. Since 2011, the National Park Foundation has reached one million kids through 86 unique education programs such as wildlife monitoring and watershed health projects. Not only does this help children connect with the outdoors, but it creates a fun and adventurous learning environment for students and teachers alike.

The National Park Foundation (NPF) also focuses on sustainability and waste management within their community and landfills in the United States. They hope to reduce waste and protect the environment by doing so. NPF is applying innovation to make park infrastructure more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The Green Parks Plan acts as a guide for the National Park Foundation and its goal of creating an enjoyable and less environmentally impactful experience for guests. Since 2020, they have installed 84 refillable water stations and 18 million pounds of waste has been diverted since 2015. By conserving water and waste, they can create a better future for all who enjoy national parks.

The National Park Foundation works together with the National Park Service to preserve habitats and species within national park ecosystems. With their partners, NPF helps safeguard the most biologically diverse and important lands in the nation. They have restored 18,500 acres and protected 18 species of endangered animals. Not only do they want to preserve the environment, but also the creatures and biodiversity within them that create special pieces of nature that people can enjoy.

Continuing, they eliminate barriers, promote access to the parks, and encourage the benefits of the outdoors. NPF ensures that everyone can enjoy and make relationships with the national parks and the outdoors. The Outdoor Exploration programs teach lifelong skills to visitors and empower diverse leadership within the National Park System. Their goal is to share the environment with others and create a connection with guests and the nature surrounding them.

The National Park Foundation focuses on generating private support and building strategic partnerships to protect and enhance America’s national parks for present and future generations.