Have you ever tasted the cookies at Lincoln-Way Central? Have you ever held the huge cookie in your hand, feeling how soft it is as you take your first bite, and wonder where has this cookie been all your life? “The softness and chewiness of the cookie makes it taste like no other” stated Matylda Moustis.  

These cookies are available during all lunch hours for $2.00. These fantastic cookies are shipped to Lincoln-Way Central from San Francisco. Once they arrive, the lunch staff bakes the frozen cookies, making a perfect pick-me-up.  

In my opinion, the best cookie flavor is the chocolate chip cookie. Some may call it “basic;” but I believe it is the perfect cookie. With its sweet flavor and bite size pieces of chewie chocolate. Emily Davis explains “My favorite cookie from Lincoln-Way Central would have to be the chocolate chip cookie. They kind of remind me of the Panda Express cookies.”  

My second favorite flavor would have to be the M&M cookie. The little pieces of M&Ms give the cookie a perfect flavor. The M&M cookie will for sure put a smile on your face on days when you are feeling tired or upset. Another favorite cookie flavor would be the sugar cookie. Personally, I don’t love sugar cookies, but the school sugar cookie is like no other. It isn’t too sweet, but also not too bland. It’s just right for the days where you want to try something new. 

The cookie at the bottom of my list would have to be the red velvet cookie. When I tried the red velvet cookie for the first time, it had a burnt flavor and big chunks of chocolate. Most of the cookies taste very similar in a way, but personally I don’t think the red velvet cookie taste like the other ones. 

Don’t hesitate to try these cookies especially during this stressful time of preparing for finals.