Kylie Sullivan, Staff Writer

I seemed to notice a common trend in my everyday life. Whenever conversing about music, those who I was conversing with always seemed to point out to me that music artists these days have no real talent, no reason for fame. Their fame is derived from whether they were “trending,” and not the depth of their lyrics or musical talent. So, I was curious: Does everyone think the same?  

I surveyed some friends, family and peers. I asked who they think is overrated in the music industry. They came up with: Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Drake, and Doja Cat. I decided to create a poll for the students here at Lincoln-Way Central, and the results are as follows: 

Taylor Swift was a close call. You all have decided that she is, in fact, worth the hype, with the results 54% to 46% in favor of the hype. 

Harry Styles was a more agreeable vote, as you decided he is in fact overrated, the results being 71% to 29%. 

Drake was also voted overrated, with findings yielding a  58% to 42% vote. 

Lastly, Doja Cat was voted to be overrated as well, results being 65% to 35%. 

So, it seems that songs written by these artists are not truly liked by the rest of the population, which begs the question: Why are they so well known and famous? Is it because of what they stand for? Maybe the way they present themselves?  Their looks?  Or their ability to publicize themselves? 

In conclusion, I believe we should start to appreciate artists for their work, not because they are a “trend”. Enjoy the music you enjoy, whether those artists are the ones mentioned here or singers who are not as well-known.