Spotlight on EAC:

Environmental Action Club

Ashley Sammon, Staff Writer

Are you trying to get more involved in extracurricular activities? Do you have a love of nature? If you answered yes, then Environmental Action Club (EAC) is for you! The club is run by Mrs. Sieber in room B131 and they meet to discuss, learn about, and help the environment! The club is a perfect opportunity to spend time with friends and make new ones! During meetings, explore the outdoors, learn about climate change from a guest speaker, and more! To be a member of EAC, you work to gain 20 points of environment-related activities! You can earn points by going to meetings and going to field trips! You can get up to 10 points by doing things outside of EAC as well! This can be anything from picking up trash while jogging or walking, to having a snowball fight with your friends or carving pumpkins! It is super easy to earn points and be a part of something bigger than yourself!  

The club also goes on several field trips to places such as Malthusian Park and Brookfield Zoo! In November, the club went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago! There the members learned about the environment and had fun with friends! It was also during Christmastime, so everybody got to see the trees of different countries and learn about Christmas in different cultures! It is an incredible experience, and the club is amazing because instead of simply sitting and learning about the climate and environment, the students get to experience it firsthand and enjoy the outdoors and science behind it! Mrs. Sieber, club sponsor, states, “Environmental Action Club is a club that anyone can and should join.  Whether a student loves learning about environmental issues or just wants to get out and appreciate nature, this club offers many opportunities to do both or just focus on one.  We have guest speakers come in and talk about local environmental issues, go on free field trips to state parks, museums, and zoos, while also helping the school maintain is various recycling programs.  In fact, Environmental Action Club members were the ones who brought in schoolwide marker recycling and solar panels to Lincoln-Way Central. This club is also great because it encourages its members to be involved in other activities offered at the school.” 

If you think EAC is for you, don’t be afraid to get out into nature and enjoy the outdoors!