Intermural Yoga


Every Tuesday from 3 to 3:30pm, I get blessed with the peaceful serenity that is practicing yoga with the Intermural Yoga Club and its sponsor, Mrs. Pehle. These short, but very pleasant, practices consist of breathing exercises and stretching exercises. We attach our breathing to our movements. The practices have soft music that serenades us with soulful energy.

After a long day of school, it is extremely gratifying to reflect on my day and destress. I look forward to yoga every week and wish there were more practices during the week. We can personalize the things we want to work on if we give Mrs. Pehle 24 hours’ notice. For example, if I am having back pain, I can ask Mrs. Pehle to do exercises that diminish that pain.

On the October 4th meeting we got cards that characterized us as something. Mine was adventurous. I do not always feel adventurous, and I do not always like stepping out of my comfort zone. Having that card as I breathe in and out to remind me that I am adventurous, and I can try new things is immensely fulfilling and it gave me that reminder that we all need sometimes. Some other fun themes we have for October include unity, falling leaves, and spooky flow. There is also an October yoga challenge that consists of 30 minutes of yoga every day and Mrs. Pehle sent out different exercises that anyone could do.  Novemeber will be full of equally peaceful practices.

Come on out and join us in the fitness center on Tuesdays from 3 to 3:30. I hope to see ya’ll there!