The Mcnam-ERA


Dr. McNamara is excited for her new role as principal of LWC.

Chase Cygan, Staff Writer

With covid about over and school finally going back to normal, students and staff have been eager to get back to school and have the first normal school year in about three years. Students, as well as staff of Central, have been expressing their excitement about having a wonderful and awesome year, but I do not think anyone is as excited as Central’s newest principal, Dr. McNamara. 

Being a former student of Central, Dr. McNamara knows the ins-and-outs of the building better than anyone and has a special place in her heart for all the students and staff that attend. “The experience I had as a LWC student has helped shape me into the person I am today. I was taught life lessons that set the foundation for my future and acquired a deep respect and appreciation for the rich LWC traditions.”   

Besides being our newest leader, Dr. McNamara has had a lot of roles within the LWC family, such as a coach, teacher, PPS Director, and Assistant Principal. Working her way up, she has  observed countless people and leaders and role models, and hopes to use what she has learned and make Central a loving and strong community. She adds, “I consider myself extremely lucky to have spent the majority of my career as a LWC Knight, learning and growing together with the Knight family.” 

But with change comes worry, like what rules could be changing? What rules could be added? Dr. McNamara said, “As the principal I will continue to work with our staff, students and community to uphold the strong values these walls are built upon.  Together we will create new opportunities for our students to grow socially and excel academically. I am committed to creating a school environment in which all students feel a sense of belonging and are proud to call LWC their home.  I place high value on classroom community and supportive relationships because I truly believe a strong sense of school community fosters success. Our administrators and deans will work relentlessly to maintain a safe environment where our students can thrive socially and academically.” 

With Dr. McNamara’s new leadership, and the strength and will of Lincoln-Way Central, we can make this year a memorable one – and make the years to come better than those before. Go Knights!