Immersive experience:

Road to Reality


Helen Ambrose, Staff Writer

Road to Reality is an immersive experience that Central faculty and students perform every year to display the dangers of drunk driving. This program was created years ago in hopes that a positive message would be portrayed to students and help them make the correct choices. The program brings in actual emergency service workers to add to the realism of the scenes. The goal is to inform, but mostly, in my opinion, to help students see the stark reality of making poor decisions.

According to Brian Cummings, an actor in the skits, his favorite part is the culture of Road to Reality. People from the community and past students come back to witness the skit year after year.

Although Road to Reality is a fun homecoming activity in an already busy week, it a valuable experience for all that attend.  Coaches and club sponsors bring their athletes and participants to see the performance after school so those students do not miss out on the experience.  After not being able to hold this event for several years, its return was welcome and impactful.

The performances were on September 13th, and they ran for 20 minutes at a time. Real props were used – such as a smashed car and ER equipment. There was also a scene with the grieving family to show what people lose when young people make the decision to drink and drive and the consequences that can haunt you forever.

Overall, it’s a moving performance and an important event leading in Homecoming Week.