Homecoming Olympics ’22-’23


Ashley Sammon, Staff Writer

On your marks, get set, go! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s time for Homecoming Olympics! Gather a team of 8-10 friends and get ready to have the time of your life competing for first place in the most exciting event of the year!

Homecoming Olympics is the best team event here at Lincoln-Way Central! This happens every year on the Monday of Homecoming Week, and it consists of delicious food and fun obstacles to do with your team! The obstacles this year included pop-a-shot, a dunk tank, relay, an obstacle course, and tug of war. The pop-a-shot is a basketball game that consists of trying to get as many baskets as you can before the time runs out. The other time-based games is the obstacle course and the relay. The obstacle course is a bounce house and in the relay you have to move a ball on a spoon to your team without dropping it and whoever gets the fastest time wins! Get your aim ready because in the dunk tank, whoever gets their teammate in the water the most amount of times wins the most points! This obstacle is super fun because you get a chance to potenially soak one of your teammates, or for double points, your teacher! Homecoming Olympics partcipant Cami LaTour shares “the dunk tank was my favorite part of the olympics!” Last but not least, the tug of war is a classic game consisting of strength and teamwork. Get the most wins out of the other teams to get the most points!

Overall, Homecoming Olympics this year was a great success! One participant, Addyson Sammon, states, “The events, hanging out with friends, and the food was my favorite part of Homecomign Olympics.” Do you want to bring out your competitive side all while playing games with your best friends? Then try out Homecoming Olympics next year and have the time of your life!