“All That Jazz”

Experiences from the cast and crew of “Chicago”


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Brian Cummins as the MC in “Chicago”

While students, staff, and community member enjoyed this year’s Spring Musical, Chicago, at Lincoln-Way Central – no one had more fund than the cast and crew involved with the play.  Here are a few of their experiences:

Matthew Lauer

Being inside the musical Chicago made me appreciate all of the work that goes into each and every stage performance. I was controlling one of the spotlights for this musical, and I noticed much more details than I would have if I never signed up for this. For starters, I have never noticed the level of complexity that is within the choreography of a song. As a member of the audience, I wouldn’t have noticed all of the little things that add up to make the scene so entertaining. I also would have never known how much effort is put fourth from all of the crew members. Being a crew member for this musical has really opened my eyes to the commitment each crew and cast member has.


Michael Bussean

So, I would best describe my time in Chicago as “A Golden Era”. It was the happiest I had been in a while since I have finally found my passion. That passion being musical theatre. I made so many memories during the duration of the show from the photos we took in the green room, to the pictures we would draw in the notebooks, to the funny bits of improv that were hidden in the show. I connected with so many people during the show as well. Some old friends returned, and some new ones appeared. I have the privilege to work with some of these folks next year, but unfortunately, lots of them will be graduating this year. It’s been an honor working with many of them and I have made memories and been taught lessons by these seniors that I’ll never forget. So basically, in short, join musical theater, it’s pretty cool.


Celeste Bultman

I had an amazing experience in Chicago the Musical at Lincoln-Way Central.  I played June, who is one of the girls in the Cook County Jail.  I was also in the ensemble.  One of my favorite songs is “The Cellblock Tango” because it is the one in which I had my monologue.  My favorite part of being in Chicago was having fun and making a lot of new friends.  I had a great time.

Brian Cummins

I played the MC in Chicago. The MC announces some of the songs and characters vefore their big numbers.  It was a lot of fun to interact with the audience a little bit.  However, my favorite part was how I played multiple different characters in the ensemble, and I could just mess around and have fun with my friends.