Knight Pride

Cormac Gill, Staff Writer

Even if Lincoln-Way Central is not at the top of the leader board in every sport, what we are starting to
become known for is our student section. Our student section, without a doubt, is the best. Despite an uninspiring football season last year, we still consistently had a rowdy and fun crowd. This shows our school spirit because despite the struggles, we maintained a high number of students at the games.

The other main fall sport was soccer. Soccer typically is not prevalently watched among the student body, but that is not the case at Lincoln-Way Central. Every home game our fans showed up loud and proud – so much so that we earned a reward for it. —?

Comparatively to West and East, our student section is simply better. Our chants are more creative,
we are louder, and we always draw a crowd. This year we played West in football, and even though it was an away-game, we packed the stands. We were also much louder than the West student section despite having a lot less people. We also  played East in basketball a while ago and the stands were packed on both sides. The difference was we were louder and full of passion and spirit, and I would even say it contributed to our overtime win.

The tradition of an amazing student section at Lincon-Way Central will hopefully carry on – and only continue to get better.