Lincoln-Way Symphony


Allison Bath

Dubbed “The Monday Night Music Club,” LWSO made the most of every Monday.

The Lincoln-Way Symphony is a great extra curricular activity for any musician. You meet new friends and play exciting music that doesn’t appear in regular concerts. This symphony is an organization that takes place outside of school hours on Monday from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Not only does Symphony include Central honor music students, but it also includes West honor music kids, where Mrs. Jackson also teaches.

A lot of the music kids wish they had more opportunities to participate in music programs for orchestra. Mrs. Jackson has been running the Lincoln-Way Symphony since 1997, for about 25 years, and back then it used to be a class, but because she didn’t want to overwhelm students too much, she decided to switch it to an after-school activity. Symphony runs the string portion starting in October and winds normally join at the end of November, but this year they joined in January due to the achievements of the Lincoln-Way Marching Band.

“Orchestra didn’t have many activities so what better way to give them this fun opportunity. I enjoyed teaching at both schools, so I found it fitting to make Symphony open to West and Central students who are looking for another musical activity. I believe that there should be more variety in music in any music program and should be fun and enjoyable for any student who wants to learn more about a different variety of music. It’s not too overwhelming for the students, since this is a choice for them to improve in sight reading or have an open schedule” -Mrs. Jackson.

This year, the Lincoln-Way Symphony only had seven rehearsals, but the result at the end of this season was a remarkable performance. Mrs. Jackson loves teaching these students and will never stop the legacy of the Lincoln-Way Symphony. 


This is a fun way to enjoy music and if you know anyone who would be interest in joining, send them this article. You never know what activity you might love, but a great way to learn a passion is through music.