Girls badminton:

a mix of friends and competition


Burns photography

The 2022 Girls Badminton Team

Badminton at Central has a short season, but that does not stop the team from giving it their all and practicing just as hard as every other team. The badminton team practices for 2 hours every day, including before school and weekend practices.  

Many people try out with their friends, in hopes that they will make it together, but cuts are tough as only 14-16 people can make it per level. The girls are usually put with their friends as doubles partners to have fun. Winning is also on everyone’s minds though, as they play for their spot on the team.  

The girls played difficult teams this year on their way to conference. Hinsdale South and Sandburg gave the girls a hard loss, but they came back swinging against Stagg and Joliet Central. The season was rough for the JV girls as they did well individually at Conference but struggled as a team to bring home a victory, placing 4th overall. Varsity did well in both events, really playing as a team. 

“We would braid each other’s hair as a pre-game ritual,” says Kylie, a sophomore on the team. The team bonded and became closer with their old friends and made some new ones – this is the best measure of success for this season!