Class to class


Students at LWC move class to class

Six minutes,
that is all it is.
Six minutes to get from class to class.
It is like running a marathon,
we time ourselves how fast you can move
from one end of the school
to another.
because you cannot be late,
because you must make it there on time,
because you cannot get in trouble,
but do not break a sweat though
because you will be looked at strangely by your peers.
Your peers,
your classmates,
your friends
or better known as your audience.
Your audience
is just waiting for your arrival.
Will they make it there on time
in only six minutes?
The audience wonders,
teachers stop and stare
as your backpack sways
back and forth
heavy on your back,
so you tighten the straps
and pick up the pace
but then the ringing starts,
the bell has rung,
you are out of time.
Your strides are greater,
it is time to face your audience once again,
but everyone needs to train a lot
to run a marathon.
Better luck next passing period.