Book Reviews


Renegades Series 

This unpredictable series is a trilogy following teenagers, Nova, belonging to the Anarchists known as Nightmare and Adrian, a Renegade or his alter ego, The Sentinel, battling a decade long war between the Anarchists and the Renegades. The Anarchists being the “villains” in this story must hide from the public in fear of being arrested. The two protagonists find themselves falling for one another, but their secrets are a constant reminder of their mission. Adrian: to defeat Nightmare and Nova: to take down the Renegades. This story is action-packed and well worth reading. Each book gets better, and the ending has me speechless. A book about superheroes and villains never disappoints and Renegades is no exception. I rate Renegades 9/10. 

If I Stay 

If I Stay is a young adult fiction novel written by Gayle Forman. After getting into a terrible accident, Mia is in a coma and the only survivor of the crash. She is stuck with the decision whether she will stay with her grandparents, best friend, and boyfriend or if she will go with her parents and little brother. The story really makes the reader think of what it would be like to lose a loved one. The only flaw I find in reading this book is how unbearably sad it is to think about. Putting myself in Mia’s shoes made me wonder if I would make the same decision she made. Overall, I did enjoy the book and would rate it a 7/10. 

The Inheritance Games Series 

The Inheritance Games series is a duology soon to be a trilogy next year. Avery Kylie Grambs is taken out of school to fly to Texas and hear the will of a man she has never met. This man, Tobias Hawthorne, was a billionaire and Avery ends up inheriting most of his money and belongings. Hawthorne’s family on the other hand gets close to nothing. The first book follows Avery and the four Hawthrone grandsons to figure out a puzzle left by their grandfather as to why she was chosen for this fate. The story gets better as everything unfolds to reveal secrets none of them knew. With unexpected turns and emotional backstories, this series is one of my favorites. I rate The Inheritance Games a 9/10.