International Club

Emma Carter, Staff Writer

Exotic food that will make your taste buds dance, different cultures to venture out and explore, meeting new people and spending time with old ones… In International Club you will get an experience like no other.

Recent and past trips this group has been privileged to go on is HMart which is in Naperville; you can check out your very first Korean grocery store. You can also go to the National Museum of Mexican Art to check out their El Día de los Muertos (The day of the dead) exhibits and check out Mexican culture which include la Catrina

Mr. Maher, the current sponsor of international club at LWC, saysone of the best things about the club is that you meet people you normally wouldn’t have met, and he loves that students’ interests and personalities shine through. You will never be bored because Mr. Maher emphasizes, “I want to give students experiences, not just tell them about some.” One student who participated in International club this year said that the reason she likes this club is because they always do fun activities. Students join this club because it is something new and unique. Exploring the world in our community will leave you with sensational experiences that you will never forget!