A year of music:

Spotify Wrapped


Helen Ambrose

Violet Dydo listens to Spotify

Helen Ambrose, Staff Writer

Every year, Spotify produces a “Christmas gift” for all its users. Spotify Wrapped is a year in review for the listeners’ music and podcasts to see their favorite artist or the amount of time they spend listening to music. They will even make a playlist of all your most-listened-to songs for your enjoyment. Most students, like Violet Dydo, use Spotify because it suggests music based on other artists you listen to.  

A slideshow is put together with very funny things such as “Ready to get into the thick of it” and “You always understood the assignment”. These references among others are a very creative way to use Tik Tok references and pop culture to gain listeners and keep users coming back for more interesting ideas.  

There is even a “vibe check” in which it describes your music personality as empowering or tranquil or anything else. For people interested in aura readings or horoscopes, this keeps them interested, especially if they think they should change their aura. The “vibe checks” are also very accurate, as Violet describes her music aura as energy and bold.  

Spotify, through the use of music, honestly knows us better than we know ourselves. It’s amazing the things and characteristics you learn about yourself simply by what you listen to. Spotify can pinpoint the type of person you are better than most of our friends can, and I know that keeps me coming back. I’m sure it keeps you coming back, too! 

Music speaks volumes about our lives and experience. Spotify does an amazing job of understanding this and markets off it. It’s an incredible way to start December with an early Christmas gift that everyone can enjoy, and hopefully learn a little about themselves too.