Join Interact Club:

a great way to get community service hours!

To graduate from Lincoln-Way Central High School, it is required that a graduating student must have at least 25 hours of community service. As students go through their years at Lincoln-Way Central, they look for opportunities to get community service hours. There are many opportunities to get community service hours. The best way is to join the Interact Club, one of LWC’s many clubs.  

Interact Club is a highly active club with over 50 members. Interact Club presents countless opportunities to volunteer. Interact Club is run by teacher Mr. Proutsos. One of the best volunteer opportunities that the club presents is in October with Socktober. According to sophomore student Nolan Redican, “Socktober is a great and straightforward way to help people that are less fortunate than me.” In Socktober, the club collects socks for people who do not have the means to purchase their own, and the people use the socks to stay warm during the winter. Mr. Proutsos stated that the most the club has ever collected was about 900 pairs of socks.  

To participate in Socktober as a member of the Interact Club, members sign up to collect socks at lunch time by sitting and eating their lunch by a box and asking people to donate what they can. By doing a small task of collecting socks at lunch, students earn volunteer hours to help them graduate. More importantly, students are working to help those in need. 

Another big opportunity for volunteering in the Interact Club is pursuant to a toy drive. The toy drive helps kids who are going through tough times, including children and teens who are battling cancer. In 2020, the Lincoln-Way Community, along with other school districts, raised 145 dollars and 1,592 toys and books for the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation. The toy drive is an effortless way to get volunteer hours by helping to collect the toys, and it is a tremendous thing to do for the community.  

Interact Club also includes many other activities throughout the school year for students in need of community service hours. As Nolan Redican states “It is the best way to help my community and get volunteer hours so that I can graduate.”